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Skrivet: 2011-07-14 11:10:53

Söker gammel kend plats när Habo/Vättern


I traveled a lot to Habo/Baskarp Sand with parents in the 80'ies, I was there last ~95, but parents came there until 2001-2. I am trying to find the place again:

It was an unofficial place until sometime when one side of the road became real camping.
I recall arriving from "south", the lake on the right side, where there also was a toilet and stop, and at some time - boat and water bike rent.

We found the place when staying at Baskarp Sand, next to the gravel place, when someone next day told us of this place. It is probably not far from Baskarp Sand. My parents always called it that.
It is somewhat close to Habo which my parents called "a nice little place".

All this is from traveling as a child with my parents, so my memory might be a bit hazy. E.g I recall the railway, but I am not sure about

Can anyone give a hint?

Sonnich (@hot.ee)
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